Roker Pier

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The ethereal beauty of this photograph will transport you to the North East Coast every time you look at it.


Buy now and get two digital poster version of Roker Pier in 8K resolution. One with, and without the title “Roker Pier”.

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There’s something about foggy days that makes them so atmospheric. Maybe it’s the way the world feels a little bit more surreal, or the way the light seems to take on a different quality. Whatever the reason, foggy days always seem to make for great photos.

And that’s certainly true of this photo of Roker Pier in Sunderland. The pier is already an impressive sight, but the addition of the fog makes it look even more ethereal. It’s almost as if the pier is floating on a cloud.

This photo would make a great poster, and it would be a perfect way to add a touch of atmosphere to any room. So if you’re looking for a unique and atmospheric poster, this Roker Pier photo is the perfect choice.


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